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Letter's of Reccomendation

Our team has over 30 years of experience.

Letter's of Reccomendation

To whom it may concern,

We hired Home Enrich to do an addition on our home. We were adding 1,000 square feet. We were looking for someone who was reliable, could understand our vision, and who was exceptional at custom work. Chris checked every one of those boxes. He even provided a designer, draftsman, and engineer who helped bring our vision to life. Of course we had some bumps along the way, especially with the supply and demand issues, but Chris and his team always communicated with us, and kept us in the loop. We now have a beautiful new space, and we are so happy with how it turned out. If you are looking for a General Contractor who specializes in custom home additions, then Home Enrich is the company for you.

Best Wishes,

Spencer and Melanie Prince

To whom it may concern,

Chris Stevens was the contractor for the build of our custom home. He managed the whole job from design, drafting, and permitting, to the execution of our home. He was professional and guided us in areas that helped in giving us a beautiful custom home. He makes you feel like family. And you genuinely tell that he cares about is clients. He was very diligent in getting our home completed before our personal deadline. I now have my dream kitchen and the breakfast area that was a last minute add on. We couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. We had a terrific experience. We would recommend Chris, and plan on using him again in the future.


Michael and Chrissy Payne


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